Cost of Starting a Blog

The Cost of Starting Out

Unfortunately creating a professional blog is not free, but it is truly worth the investment. This course takes you through all the steps you need to take to create your blog. These are the same steps we took to create Put Ketchup On It – without any of the mistakes.

There are two main investments you need to make to create your own professional blog:

  1. Hosting – To build a blog that you have full control over and can create an income from, you will need to purchase web hosting. All in one websites will limit the development you can make to your blog and will also restrict the implementation of incomes streams that would otherwise be available to you.
  2. A Quality Theme – We have tried many free themes and without fail, we have come to a point where we either needed to upgrade to the paid version or change the theme altogether. Getting the right theme from the beginning will remove all frustration and set you on the correct path.

I know it may seem a lot just now, but hosting can be paid monthly or at a large discount by purchasing 3 years up front. We did this and it is nice not to have to think about anymore hosting payments for the next 3 years. Purchasing a theme is a one time cost, so once you do it, you can start creating your beautiful blog without any future costs.

Within the course we recommend the hosting provider and theme that we use ourselves and take you step by step how to set them up.

Once you have purchased your hosting & theme, you can just follow the steps of the course with no more costs and you will have a pro food blog up and running in no time.

Take Action & Get Started

Take Action

If I have one piece of advise I can give you to start your blog, it is: ‘Get started now’ – as in today… not tomorrow or the day after that – take action today!

Your actions today determine what your life is like tomorrow! So give yourself a shake and take that first step towards achieving your dreams today. Make sure you take just one step each day in the right direction and before you even realize how it happened, you will be up and running with your own blog 🙂

In our last email we told you about our obstacles. Well the first hurdle may be the most difficult one; taking that first step seems so overwhelming! It is like riding a bike – the first turn of the pedal uses the most energy, but once you have momentum everything just flows and soon you are at your destination.

Looking back, I am so happy that we shook off all doubt and got started. If we hadn’t I would still be working a 9-5 job, but now I have the freedom to work when it suits me. It is quite amazing to think about the difference of what life would have been like had we not ‘gone for it’ back then… I get knots in my stomach just thinking about it…

So, take your first step today and begin your journey towards achieving your dreams.

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