Overnight success

Overnight Success

Is there such a thing as overnight success? Well, most successful people would say no… Success takes time and hard work… BUT almost ALL successful people insist that ANYONE CAN DO IT!!

The 2 keys to success: 

1) Action! Decide to do something and then actually take that first step. You’ve decided to start a food blog and now you have access to the course that will help you make it a reality. Take that first step today and you will never look back with regret.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”
Zig Ziglar

2) Persistence! Once you have taken the first step, be determined to see it to the end. Now is the time to keep going. You will have doubts, as we all do, but persevere in spite of them and by following this course you will achieve your goal.

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in”
Bill Bradley

One Step at a Time

When we first set up ‘Put Ketchup On It’, we talked about how many food bloggers were already out there and we talked so much that we nearly ended up not doing it at all. In fact, I think it was only because Stine kept losing her notes of recipes that she had created that we ended up ‘just going for it’

Our first real set-back

I had created a website for Stine’s recipes and she was very happy. It worked well for a place to keep everything organised… but as things started to grow and the content increased, I realize that I had to start all over again!! The ‘free’ website I had created was just not good enough… It required an incredible amount of manual work to maintain it and simply was just not at all scaleable… so I had to start again from scratch!!

Building a pro website!

It took patience, time and a little money. This was when we realized that we had to pay for proper web hosting and purchase a professional theme. It has been one of the best investments we have ever made.

What happened next?

After some late nights, as we both worked full time, we had a professional website. It felt awesome – we were both happy and proud! We told our friends and family about it, set up a Facebook page and sent it out there… ‘we officially launched’

And… No one visited the site! We felt disappointed and down heartened every time we looked at google analytics… not even our family were looking… Friends and family spent a lot of time suggesting different things we could do, such as YouTube videos or creating apps, anything but the thing we were actually doing…There were many times we almost just shut the whole thing down.

But we kept at it… and now we are in a situation where we have fully replaced one salary to the point where blogging has become my full time job. It’s a dream come true.

So if we can do ONE thing for you today. It is to let you know that WE believe in you! We know you can do it… we will patiently await as you make your way through this course one step at a time. Just a little every day… and soon you will send us that message to go check out your blog!!! We cannot wait. You CAN DO THIS. Get started on your dream TODAY! And not too far in the future, you will be the one sharing your story of how you created a successful food blog.

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